Monday, November 23, 2015

Late for Thanksgiving

I am late in preparing for Thanksgiving.  Yikes!  The weeks just slipped by.  I am usually more on top of it. Aside from not having done the grocery shopping, yet, I have not thought about the decor, either.  I must get moving!  Since we have moved twice in as many years, the holiday decor tends to be the first to be culled as unnecessary.   This is all I have to work with: 

My shopping trips have not turned up much inspiration, since the retailers are already into Christmas, full swing!

So it looks like DIY it is.

Since I like any opportunity to play with food, this is adorable:

And this looks like a simple and pretty solution for our round dining table that can be made from things mostly already around the house:

I found both of these ideas on Pinterest.

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  1. Oh, I am lucky I was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner which just means showing up with an empty stomach.