Thursday, December 24, 2015

Crazy Christmas sweater

Is this crazy, or what?  I saw it at Target, and did a double take!  The two person Christmas sweater.   Is this twinning on steroids?

Also at Target, for the ugly Christmas sweater party, this year, these are almost too cute!

Of course, I have digressed from the reason for the trip to the packed Target in the first place, for necessities, and Christmas shopping for other people.  I always try to schedule extra time in this store, because avoiding diversion is next to impossible!

I tried a few things on, (further distraction)

This could have been cute as a tunic, love the brocade, but it was very bulky on

This was very tempting, but I already have one furry vest, that I have trouble styling

I really wanted this oversize herringbone skirt to fit, but the waist/ hip proportion was off for me.  To bad, keep looking, and return to Christmas shopping! 

I hope all of your Christmas shopping is done, your gifts are wrapped (I'm behind on this, but it's no problem, because I love the wrapping part!), and everyone has a very Happy Holiday!

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  1. OMG ! I loved the Target sweaters! Not ugly enough to fit the ugly sweater category.