Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I love a good houndstooth!

Spring is just around the corner, (in theory, anyway)!

It's foggy, rainy, windy, and in the 40's, here in coastal Maryland.  So today, I'm wearing one of my favorite prints, a houndstooth check.  This wool jumper, with sort of a 60's vibe, will soon be packed up with my fall and winter things, but with today's uncooperative weather, it's fitting.

This blouse is an oversized houndstooth print, though barely recognizable as such.
It's lightweight and short sleeved, so it has springtime possibilities.

I used this houndstooth plaid bag a few times, over the season.
  I'm debating this one. (Pack it, let it go, pack it, let it go...)

A classic bold black and white check. I chose it fairly often, so it's a keeper.

I even have a stamped houndstooth bangle.  I like it, I wore it, so it stays.  

These two houndstooth check skirts languished in the back of my closet all season.  I think I will give them a chance to come out this spring, as they are lighter knits.

Mini black and white check

Light and dark grey, and flouncy, I'm thinking of mixing this one with pink, maybe? 

The decisions continue.  My spring clothes are coming out of the basement this weekend, even if I'm not quite ready to wear them.  I need to pull them all out, now, to see what I have to work with for this season.  It will be fun, and it with be a mess!  

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  1. Little did I know you were also part of the Houndstooth Club, its my favorite all time print :) You just reminded me of a houndstooth bag I have and have not worn in years. I am currently editing jackets, suits and cardigans .. I will eventually get to bags.