Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tall boots

I'm starting to look back on the fall and winter season, to determine which items in my closet were  worn, and which ones were overlooked.
I wore my short boots pretty regularly, this season, but my tall boots only made it out of the closet a few times.

I only wore these fringed boots once all winter

And these vintage navy suede boots were only pulled out of the closet once, as well.

I have a very modest collection of boots, and although I do not wear them often, it's nice to have them as an option, when the mood strikes me!  


  1. I own one pair of black tall boots. I guess if I lived in a country with cold weather I'd have many... and a problem to store them!
    Last time I wore mine was during a trip.

  2. A very nice collection! I love the boots with the ties. Thanks for linking,


  3. Love the idea of looking back over past seasons to see what was worn and what didn't make the cut. What a great and useful exercise. Thanks for sharing!