Sunday, March 6, 2016


Scarves are great accessories, but under used in my wardrobe. 
 They can really pull together an outfit, or add a nice finishing touch.

I pinned this teal plaid one, so one end would stay over my shoulder.  An easy solution since fussing and adjusting all day is not for me!

It can't get any easier than just looping a scarf around your neck

A giant scarf belted at the waist is a good solution 

A skinny tie, I will keep this in rotation for spring

A large, cozy fringed scarf, looped and loosely tied

Here are a couple of light weight scarves I already have my wardrobe that will be great for spring 
Looks like serenity and rose quartz to me!


  1. Great styling ideas - every look is more fun with a scarf! xo


  2. I love scarves. The ones you have ready for spring are very pretty.

  3. I like the idea of pinning it, so it will stay in place.. sometimes we forget simple things that work wonders.
    Like you, I also have one too many scarves that get lost in everyday wear, I am trying to size down. I said trying ;)