Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shoe shopping

Last week, I got the shoe shopping bug, and stopped in at Marshall's, first. They just got in a lot of really cute new spring shoes.

I'm craving platforms, right now.  All three of these have a retro 70's look that I love.
The fringe!

The hardware!

The woven straps!
These fit the best.  They are by Guess, a brand just seems to fit my feet well, most of the time. 

Then there are the lace ups!

Here's a cute pair.  I've seen a lot in black, and shades of brown.  These are refreshing in ivory, and I like the sliver of a wedge heel.  Completely flat shoes are big right now, but are hard for me to wear, since I have high arches, so this is a nice alternative.

These are just plain pretty

At Nordstrom Rack, I liked these. The neutral color, and the stacked heel seem like they would work with a lot of outfits.  Sam Edelman is another brand that just seems to fit me well.

This week, I checked out DSW.  Because who can resist a $20 off coupon!

The cork is fun

 I like the soft taupe tone of these, and the tassel ties

 And these have a little wedge heel, and I love the color!

I'm trying to stay away from black, right now, but I really like the details on these...tempting

And of course, I checked out the platforms-so 70's, and so cute!

I need to make a decision, before my favorites in my size fly off the shelves!

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  1. Oh wow... talk about great choices !
    If it were me, it would either be the fringe wedge or the neutral Sam Edelmans.