Monday, March 14, 2016

WhoWhatWear at Target

I saw the WhoWhatWear collection at Target, last month, or part of it, anyway.  I liked a lot of the pieces, and many of them seemed pretty versatile. I bought the black and white striped asymmetrical flounced hem dress, and the polka dot pleated skirt.  Here's how I've worn them, so far.

With polka dot blouse and burgundy belt and 
t-strap heels.

With two toned pink top and matchy pink belt and bag.

I tried on this dress from the collection, also, but it was not for me.

And, this one, too.  It was a little short for me, and I didn't buy it,  but I loved it on!  By looking at it on the hanger, I would never have thought it would be flattering on-you never know!


  1. I have to agree, you always have to try things on. Wether its not your style or not your size... you can be sometimes pleasantly surprised !
    I like your purchases from Target, little did I know WWW had a collection with them.

  2. Great shopping! Love the dotted skirt, and thanks for linking, xo


  3. What a lovely dress you bought. Sometimes I see an item of clothing that looks perfect on the hanger only to find that it's very imperfect on me! It always pays to try things on. Now, you say you loved the very feminine white number - go on, you have to buy it! Perhaps it can be worn with crop leggings.
    Miss Cellany.