Monday, April 11, 2016

Faux finds

I'm loving all the faux fabrics and finishes that I've been seeing, lately!
Faux textiles have really increased in popularity, recently.  Technology has expanded the possibilities by leaps and bounds.  Although I am not inclined to buy a genuine lambskin jacket, I like this soft, draped fabric version.

  Faux lambskin jacket over a fiesta print dress

This laser cut  faux suede dress is soft and comfortable to wear.  Fabrics designed to look like suede and leather, are more believable than ever.  Well, they can be. Wildly creative and unbelievable is good, too!  

faux suede dress

Embossing is a finish that has been around for decades, but designers continue to get more and more creative with it.  

These metallic faux reptile flats are clearly not attempting to copy anything found in nature, but are so much fun!

Also in my closet are faux snakeskin sandals, and a fanciful pink embossed belt.  

And an embossed yellow faux leather clutch, that I sometimes mix with a faux fur zebra print belt.

  These faux's don't look nearly as wild and crazy as they sound, in writing.  I have put several faux pieces together in one outfit, and have it look positively tame!

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  1. Faux is fabulous! Love these looks, and the accessories are wonderful. xo