Monday, April 4, 2016

It's a wrap

Wrap garments in all forms have always been a favorite for me.  

This sleeveless wrap blouse, in ivory, is a staple.

And here's a recently worn wrap dress, in a red print.

 And of course, there are many variations on the faux wrap.  Here, a denim dress.
I didn't realize until I was putting together this post, that this vintage necklace, worn with the red dress

and this vintage braided bead chocker, worn with the denim dress, were both gifts from my husband, from over ten years, ago, and I still wear them.  Thinking of this makes me nostalgic, and brings to mind some of the other outfits I have worn with this jewelry over the years.

More wraps that I unpacked with my Spring things, that are waiting patiently in my closet for their turn to be worn!
A faux wrap dress in plaid,

a DVF vintage jersey print wrap dress,

and a wrap around (several times) blouse.

 Missing is a the wrap skirt, which is especially nice for summer.  I can't think of a single one in my closet, now.  Must shop for one!

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  1. Great wraps! And I love the jewelry gifts as well. Thanks so much for linking up, xo


  2. Oh lovely ! I really like the red shirt and the printed dress... I should check my closet for my wrap goodies ! Although I fear they may not fit me..