Thursday, April 28, 2016

Marshall's shop

I have been  hunting for white pieces to add to my Summer wardrobe.  Even though it is cool and stormy today, the hot temperatures are sure to follow.  Lightweight fabrics, in light colors are a great way to stay comfortable in Summer. There are lots of choices at Marshall's, if you can look past the wrinkles!


Border embroidery 

Lace yoke

  Love this one, but there was only one in the store, and not in my size :(

Other possibilities in white:
  A sharp jacket,

a white lace skirt,

and a great white lace-up shift!

I also tried on these summery blue and white jackets

Cute cropped one

Love this nautical striped dress, but I digress, and must step back to my shopping list.

 I  have also had my eye out for military style pieces that do not have army green on the top.  This is a nice choice if olive green does not agree with your skin tone.

A compromise-olive on the bottom.

Some possibilities to think about.  Some definite maybes. I came home with this great navy blue grommeted skirt.  I may not be wearing it until Fall, unless I can slip it in during the next few weeks, but no question about it, I had to have it!  


  1. Wow, your Marshall's store was very well stocked. There were so many great options. I was at a Marshall's in San Ysidro, CA a few weeks back and the assortment was so poor I bought nothing.

  2. Marshall's is definitely one of those stores that can be hit or miss!