Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring sandals

Decisions, decisions.  I'm back at DSW, and I could kick myself with one of these cute shoes for letting my $20 off coupon expire!

Anyway, I love these sandals with the ankle bling.  The wedge heel is a nice walkable height, too.

 I have found so many pairs of cute platform sandals to love this Spring!  While I want the platforms,  my wardrobe is somewhat lagging behind, and isn't full of the clothing styles that platforms really look great with.  I'm thinking longer hemlines, Boho styles, and the elusive, perfect cropped jeans and pants.  I'll find a way to work the platforms in, though!  Both of the pairs below have the added bonus of feeling wonderful on my feet. 

Below are my favorites.
They come in three colors, plus white.  I like them all, but if I have to pick one, I'm craving denim!

Aside from platform love, this strappy wedge gladiator would go with almost everything in my current closet, and is a great light neutral for warm weather.  Plus, walkability!

I like these lace ups styles, but I have a wedge heel pair, so I can resist.

Shoe choosing is a dilemma when there is a big shift in fashion, like this Spring. There are a lot of new shapes and lengths in clothing that may become new classics, or may be in and out in one or two seasons.  Time will tell! 

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