Thursday, April 14, 2016

Things leaving my closet

I'm not actively doing a closet clean-out right now, but I am evaluating my spring and summer things as they come out of storage, and into my closet. I've also decided not to pack a few things that were not wore, or barely wore over the fall and winter.  I took these to the thrift shop, and saw some of my cast-off shoes on the rack there, this week.  What a funny feeling!

I hope they find a good home!

Once spring is in full swing, (meaning the weather is mild enough to actually wear seasonal outfits on a regular basis), I think a bigger purge is in order.  I don't follow the advise of some experts who advise tossing out everything you haven't worn in the last 6 months to a year.  Way too rash for me!  Sometimes, an item I like is just not fitting in, and it hangs in my closet all season, only to be brought out next season, and be in rotation, again.  Sometimes this is due to the addition of a new piece it can be worn with, or a new, fresh way to mix it is born.


  1. Yep, the 6 month rule is unrealistic for me! I mean sometimes another garment needs to come into the closet to give life to an older one.
    I actually love seeing my clothes in consignment stores.. if I could only know who bought them and how they styled them...

  2. I also wonder who buys and wears my former things I also wonder who wore items that I buy at thrift and consignment shops, and what prompted them to donate them!