Monday, April 25, 2016

Versatile denim

I love denim.  Dress it up, dress it down-it can go just about anywhere.  One reason for it's versatility, is that there are so many styles to chose from.  Another, is there are a lot of different washes, too.  And that's just in traditional blue!

Dark wash skinnies with a boat neck tunic top

Silvery accessories

Shirtwaist midi dress, somewhere in the vicinity of a medium wash

Casual accessories

Cropped jeans in a very light wash, with a polka dot shirt 


and rose gold accessories

 A dark wash quilted denim clutch, I recently bought, by Sondra Roberts

Denim sandals that I am currently coveting!


  1. My faves are the first and third look. I am not sure on the length of the dress.

  2. It's great how you can change up denim looks this way. Well done! And thanks for sharing, xo