Thursday, May 26, 2016

Old Navy shop

Old Navy has some cute things in, now. 

You have to try everything on, though, and not leave anything to chance.  I tried on these two pairs of Pixie chinos in the same size.  One fit.  The other, not so much. 

The store  has a lot of cute, easy summer dresses.  Many of the styles have spaghetti straps, and  I like that they make the straps adjustable, for an easier fit.

I love a peplum, and I tried on some sweet tank and sleeveless styles.

The Boho look is well represented, with lots of embroidered tops,

as well as this adorable eyelet crop top.

I made a few purchases here.  The floral chinos, which I wore in my last post, and the blue top with white embroidery, which will be featured soon.

So much cuteness!  I wanted to take their pooch mascot home with me, too.

I hope everyone who celebrates Memorial Day, has a happy and safe holiday weekend!

1 comment:

  1. We do not have Old Navy here... yet.
    I like the chinos and with current sizing, you gotta try everything.