Thursday, June 9, 2016

Distractions at Target

Target is my go-to for all-and sundry. The women's clothing is the first thing in the door, at the store where I usually shop, (go figure), so today I browsed through to see what's new.   I saw some really cute things this week.

I'm loving all the richly textured and patterned 60's and 70's influences in fashion this summer.   

Like this cute multi colored embroidered dress 

and this simple shift, made interesting with a mash up of patterns. 

This looked so cool and comfortable, but I looked like a clown in it.  (Good for a laugh!)  I think it would look great on someone with broader shoulders.

A floaty handkerchief hem dress, which I'm contemplating for an upcoming special occasion.  I think it would work for daytime, too, with a switch up of accessories.

Also, I love the soft chambray and light wash denim that is so popular, now that the warm weather has arrived.

And of course, fringe!  So cute, but none in my size.

Mini pleats in rose quartz, I could not resist.

I'm not in the market for swimwear or beach cover ups, now, but these in the Marimekko for Target collaboration are so bold and graphic! Love!

Now, on to the more mundane reason for my being here, bug spray and Advil.
  Happy Shopping!


  1. We do not have target here... I have to say they have a great selection.
    My faves are the chambray / jeans garments. Did you buy any?

    1. No Target and no Old Navy? That's rough. I guess you have other stores that we don't have, to fill the gap. I love the chambray, too, and came home to pull things in this color that I already have, out of the back of my closet! I brought the pleated skirt home, and I'm curious to see if I have any tops that will compliment it.