Monday, June 6, 2016

Embrace the Lace

It took me a while to embrace the lace, but now I love it.

A whole lot of lace
Dark red lace dress under ivory long lace topper

With dark red patent t-straps, and girlie baubles

A lace blouse.  Lace is not just for evenings and special occasions, anymore!
Peach lace top over basic tan pleated skirt dress

With a pastel printed scarf as a tie belt, and dainty bubbles

Lastly, a little bit of lace.
  I thrifted this blouse, originally from Victoria's Secret, and modified it slightly. 
 Worn over a Vera, by Vera Wang two layer dress.

With my new favorite rose quartz low heels, and a vintage 1940's linen with lucite frame bag

Linking up with Patti, at Not Dead Yet


  1. You do lace wonderfully! I love the lace topper in look #1. Thanks for linking, xox


  2. Oh I have that bird on a branch necklace too :)
    Lace is one of my faves too, its feminine and always look stylish.