Thursday, June 30, 2016

This week's thrift shop adventure

I suspect as the summer goes on, the thrift shop selection will start to dwindle, until things pick back up in early autumn.

For now, there is still abundance!

This pretty lavender dress in one of my favorite styles, the wrap, caught my eye.  But, after a little thought, I could picture myself at the end of the day, a mass of wrinkles, as it is 100% linen. 
 Not so pretty, I better pass.

A fit and flare dress with big colorful flowers, I'm in!  Oh, but it would require a strapless bra.  The one I have now, is just not working for me.  I tug at it to keep it in place, so it is an item that is still on my "need to replace yesterday" list. 

Love this, and it's such a good fit.  Short, thought. Maybe as a tunic?

This week, there were lots of tops and blouses.

I liked this one with Oriental influences

and I love blue stripes for summer

This is a style I usually shy away from, but it might be worth experimenting with at thrift shop prices

More prints

White and black and white

A denim skirt I would have bought, but it was stretched out funny on one side.
  Too much wear is one of the things to look out for on a thrift shop hunt. 

A mixed print, the major part of the co-crdinating work is already done!
 Too bad this was too big.

Great colors on this pastel bag

I rarely ever look at the jeans and pants at the thrift shop, since, for me, they are the most difficult fit.  But, by chance, an employee rolled out a new rack of them while I was there, and these were on it.  Close, but not quite.

I rarely find shoes, but these were a hit.  A perfect fit, and barely worn, by Ellen Tracy.

I bought the shoes, they were $16, which is more than I would usually pay at a thrift shop for shoes, but perfect is perfect, so I sprang for them!  I also got the pale pink with black print sheer blouse to experiment with.

If you enjoy shopping at thrift and second hand stores, I hope you have good luck!

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  1. When thrifting I always google the brands/garments before taking the plunge, that unless I really, really like the item.
    There's such a great selection in your thrift stores :)