Thursday, June 16, 2016

This week's thrift shop-a bonanza of dresses

This week at the thrift shop, there were a lot of new dresses to try.
  You never know, every week is different!

I started with this cute dress.  I have a lot of black and white prints in my closet, already, 
 but if it had looked perfect on, I would have made an exception!

Pretty lace, but not perfect on, (again with the black and white).

Love the print, but this one looked better on the hanger than on me :(

Too tight, I can't move!

Too short, I can't bend over!

In hindsight, I should have bought this one, but I didn't know I would be invited to a beach wedding this summer until too late!

This is just cute, I should have brought this home, too.

Not my best style, but once in a while it will work, so I had to try.

Attracted to the color, but just looked blah on me.

Really wanted this little denim skirt to fit, but a little too snug.

Attracted to the print, but it's too big.

Fit is really the hardest thing for me, at the thrift store.  All of these were "my size",
but a small, is not a small, is not a small, if you know what I mean!

This is the one I liked the most, and bought.  It's by Tommy Bahama.  Unlike the wrap dress above, this one looked better on me, than on the hanger.  Success!

Hope you score a bargain this week! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow at least the Tommy Bahama wrap dress fit and very well.
    I think its great you tried everything even in they were all not hits. I hate it when something is too small, because if too big - I'll take the change and have it tailored.
    Actually I DID get lucky this week in my thrifts, I found a black Missoni dress for 10.00 USD - it fits like a glove. Meaning I cannot eat anything ;)