Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thrifting adventure

Here's what I found at my local thrift shop this week.  There was a lot to like!

Dark floral dress 

Snake print two layer chiffon dress

Cold shoulder tunic/dress.  New, from Target.
  This Goodwill gets a lot of new items from Target.   I guess they have some kind of donation arrangement for unsold clearance items.

Floral embroidered blouse

Vintage bell sleeve baby doll blouse

 Floral skirt

Multi striped midi skirt

Sequin striped skirt.  There were a lot of skirts this week.
I really wanted this to fit, but it was a little too tight. 

Geometric print skirt. I really wanted this to fit, also.  (Sizing note:  Ann Klein runs large)

Pale blue skinnies

Green cargo pocket skinnies 

Cute red strappy ankle sandals.  When I zipped them up the back, though, one of the zippers broke with them on my feet :(
I showed this to the cashier, and she said it happens, not to worry, I didn't have to pay for them.  It was a struggle getting it off my foot, as the zipper stuck firm at the top.  LOL, adventures in thrifting!

There were a lot of "almosts" this week. This is what I finally brought home. 
A great find for my husband, a pair of Tommy Hilfiger shorts.  Men's clothing in nice condition is scarce.  A striped tank top, and a Marimekko for Target plate.  

Better luck next time!

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  1. Isn't it great that the thrift stores get new items from Target and other retailers? I love finding those goodies at a deep discount price. Too bad about the shoes...they were super cute. Shoes are tricky. I have pretty good luck with them, but on occasion I'll get one that the strap breaks right off the back or the sole comes off. haha Not good when you have a major shoe mishap out in public though. I nearly had to finish out my workday barefoot one time. lol
    Love the striped top you ended up with. :)