Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer on sale

It's that time of year. The middle of summer, when the fall fashions slowly start edging out the summer stock, and the clearance sales are in full swing.  There are lots of cute seasonal things  available, at reduced prices.  If you are shopping for summer looks, be prepared to patiently dig through the disorganized jumble, however!   

If you're craving color, some cute summer dresses at Penney's.

A festive print off the shoulder top.

A light jacket to cover your arms from the sun, or your goose bumps from over zealous air conditioning! 

Marshall's has some cool and comfortable casual shifts and fit and flare style dresses.

Love the embroidery

and the scallops.

 Target has the ruffles and frills!

This one screams the 70's.

Lace looks

and, soft washed denim for the hot, sticky weather.

Of course, florals must be represented, the wilder, the better!

I bought this white dress at Target.  It was on the clearance rack for $17.49.

Enjoy the hunt!

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  1. So many options.
    Lately I have been thrifting... and have been quite lucky ;)