Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer thrift

This week at the thrift shop, the tops and skirts had the most new and interesting pieces.

  I see a few fall things starting to be added.  In a few weeks, the store will be overrun with back to school items!

But for now,  here are two cute tops with a peasant, boho feel.  Right on trend.

Two jewel tone blouses.  Pretty, but not for me.
Blouses are a rare find at the thrift shop I visit.

Tee shirts, on the other hand are plentiful,

as are button down shirt styles.  Here's an unusual one.

I bought the one below, because  I like the cheerful, colorful blooms.  I think it will look nice and fresh this summer with white cropped pants or a white skirt, both already in my closet.

Skirts are sort of a wild card, here.
  Usually there are not very many, and the styles are really dated.  I think women hold on to their skirts, since they seem to change less than other pieces of clothing.
This was a banner day for skirts.  I didn't find anything that fit me, today, but there were lots of cute possibilities.

(I was thinking ahead to fall, on this one.)

A few dresses to try, all looking cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

This is adorable, but I passed because it is strapless.

Hope your thrifting experiences are fun ones.
I enjoy going, even if I don't find much, it's my weekly retail therapy!

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  1. Unlike most of your thrift posts, I did not find many interesting pieces here, just the white eyelet dress. Which BTW I would have also passed on because of it being strapless.