Thursday, July 7, 2016

Two closet additions

Did I mention that Penney's is next to where I to go once a week for my allergy shot?

This is my explanation for veering off, afterward, to check out the dresses, (which I don't need, but love),  and the tops, which I find more difficult to shop for, but need. 

  Of course,  I was attracted like a magnet to the dresses

Pretty florals

and lace

and a mix of both.


and stripes

and a cute denim dress with an 80's sort of acid wash.

There were some very pretty tops, too.

From lacy, (none left in my size)  :(

to crochet  trimmed

to ruffly.

Oh, and sporty.

I have been attracted to white this summer, more than ever.

I ended up buying this crochet, fringed topper 

and this eyelet jacket

because they seemed like the best choices for light layers, to get me mixing and matching through the summer.

Here's my first try


1 comment:

  1. I fell in love with that beautiful white dress - and your eyelet jacket is amazing.
    I am a sucker for white and eyelet .. I am looking forward to see you style it.