Thursday, August 11, 2016

Closet editing project

In my ongoing effort to clean out my closet, and recycle items to someone else who'll love them,
here are my latest cuts.

Kitty face tote that just isn't wide enough.

A short sleeved sweater.

Three tops, this one last worn in March.
I'm rethinking this one.  I'd better keep it, or I'll be sorry when layering season comes!

Neckline is too low for me.

A print dress I have been keeping for sentimental reasons.  It was one of the first dresses I bought to refresh my wardrobe, when I started this ongoing project, way back in 2008.  Back then, I posted my outfits on a Flickr photo sharing site, before starting this blog.  Flickr  had a large, fun and thriving community, back then that I enjoyed very much.  But a haven't worn this dress in years.     

Two more print dresses.  This one is too big,

and this one is too tight.  I love a wrap style, though, and there are still plenty in my wardrobe!

Vintage dress that looks fumpy on me no matter how I style it.  Too bad, I love the color.

Red rain jacket.  I always choose my other rainwear over this one, so bye-bye.

Shoe with not enough arch support.

Other wild shoes on probation.

Some jewelry that gets passed over, time and again.

Soon, I will be getting my fall things out of the basement, and scrutinizing them for editing. 
The summer is zooming by so quickly!

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  1. Great editions !
    Six pairs of shoes (if you DO let go of the colorful wedges) is a lot for one month - the space 6 pairs of shoes take in the closet..