Thursday, August 4, 2016

Last summer thrift

The tank tops, sleeveless blouses and shorts have been moved to the back of the store, and the sweaters and jackets have appeared out of nowhere.  Summer is winding down, in retail land, anyway, and even the thrift store is starting it's back to school campaign.  By my next thrifting post, I will be looking toward fall in my shopping, if not IRL.    

Their are lots of nice tops this trip.

I should have bought this one, the hearts are just too cute!

Lace up from the last time it was a trend!

In the dress department-so retro!

Een some cute skirts, this time.
This was too snug, or it would have been in my cart.

I debated over this jacket, but finally decided it looks a little like a waiter.

Two things I donated, a few weeks ago.  Hope they find a good home!


  1. Yes ! you should have bought the hearts button down shirt...
    Thank you for your comment on the edits, you know I wish whenever I got rid of something I could actually see an empty space, but it just does not happen...
    Right now I am focusing on tops. A few months ago it was blazers and cardis. DO you focus on a particular section of the closet when you edit ?

    1. My edits aren't as organized as yours, but I am trying to get a regular system going! Currently, I am taking a look at all of the pieces I have not worn at all this spring and summer. I'm pulling them out to seeing if they have just been overlooked, or are really ready for the givaway bag!