Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shifting into Fall thrift

 I'm starting to think about what I'll be wearing for fall. 
 The beginning of fall is an exciting time of year for fashion.  However, it's difficult to think about what I will want to wear in the months to come, when the temperatures are firmly in the 90's! 

Dark florals in light fabrics don't seem like too big of a leap

I really like this print, but the top hung like a sack on me

Nice basic

We are going to be seeing a lot of blue this season, with two shades of blue in the Pantone palette.  

Love, but too big :(

This shirt is by Equipment, and very nice quality

This would look great on someone with broader shoulders, I love the asymmetrical design

Two nice shirt dresses, which are trending for the upcoming season

I especially like the  details on this one, and I love the red, but it's marked up to $20.  Think about it. 

I could picture all sorts of outfit possibilities with this dress.  The neutral  print mix is already started. 

I ended up buying this vertically striped, asymmetrical hem, faux wrap dress.  I may not get much more wear from it, now, toward the end of the summer, but there's always next year!  I am wearing it with a pink lace top over top, that is also thrifted, but from several years ago.

Happy thrifting!  I hope you uncover something you love!

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  1. Oh it seems like your thrift store is full of amazing goodies.