Sunday, August 14, 2016

White out

Continuing my current obsession with the (non) color white!

I know I will be wearing white clothing after Labor Day, too, but right now I am focused on wearing the things in my closet that look and feel the most summery.  That includes a lot of white, during the hottest month of the year.  
This basic white cotton skirt, one of those rarities with pockets, I have been wearing for years.  It's classic style and shape have made it a staple for me.

White jacket and skirt, with lavender blouse and   

cool, silvery bling

This outfit is a softer off white.  Embroidered gauze blouse over a lace dress,

with pale pink bag and shoes,

and light blue and with scarf, as a belt.

Back to really white.  Circle design lace dress 

with 3-D flower necklace, and pink floral fabric belt,

and magenta shoes and bag.  These shoes may be leaving my closet soon, because the heels are too high for comfort.

White natural beauties,

and cuties!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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