Thursday, September 29, 2016

The thrifting adventure continues

All that glitters was in evidence this thrift shop visit!

A tee with silver threads shot through it, and a lame jean style jacket. 
Plus brocade,

and layer-able beaded pieces.

There were some wild and whimsical prints, too.
  I love the one on the right, that looks like the stitches are unravelling!

I saw lots of bright, saturated jewel tone colors, like these. 

Some classic weaves and patterns.

Lastly, these cute two-toned suede pumps, half a size too small.  To bad!

I rarely find anything in the men's department, but was fortunate, this day.
I bought these two Jerry Garcia print ties for my husband.

They were a hit, and he wore the blue one the very next day.  Success!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Wide striped dress three ways

  I do love my stripes!
  The wide tangerine and white stripes of this dress, make a super bold statement.
 Looking back on three ways I wore it this Summer, I think it sort of wears me!

The dress over a white 3/4 sleeve top

It seems to require bold and bright accessories to keep up with it.
Turquoise bag and bracelet, and graphic tubular necklace. 

This time, with a royal blue open cardigan over it

and bold jewelry.  The cuff bracelet is from the 50's.

Bright blue wedge sandals to finish.
They are going to be packed away until next Spring, this weekend.

Lastly, stripes on stripes.
  Same dress, with a navy and white striped cardigan over it

a 40's navy Corde half circle bag, big silver cuff, and navy low heel pumps.

All in all, I think this dress made the brightest, boldest outfits I wore all Summer.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Target Fall shopping

You know where I am!

There are some retail stores that I only visit once or twice in the fall to get inspiration and shop for the coming season.  I visit  my local Target every two or three of weeks, because it is my "go to" for much more than wardrobe and fashion.  This trip, however, I went with the intention of browsing the women's clothing.  

Target does not disappoint when it comes to Boho and retro inspiration,
and there are lots of transitional possibilities that can nicely bridge the seasonal gap.

A cute Autumnal print

and a double ditzy  floral.

The slip dress on the left is already layered for you,
 the one on the right is perfect for layering up.

Boho vibe tops I like include this dramatic crushed faux velvet bell sleeve

and this Victorian inspired lace trimmed one.

This tunic screams try me with leggings and boots!

For a more tailored style, the next three pieces are from their WhoWhatWear collection.

A little bit polished, a little bit pajama-ish

A bold dark floral swishy car wash skirt

and a pleather midi skirt.

This long camel sleeveless vest is right on trend, and so classic. 
 It looks infinitely mixable and layer-able.

More dramatic sleeves...

and olive skinnies with lots of pockets.

Two cute lightweight bomber jackets.

One embroidered with flowers

and one in a very versatile grey. 

A different style of military inspiration, picking up on the patch trend. 

Lots to think about.  Now, I'm going to see what's already in my closet!

Monday, September 19, 2016


 I'm happy to find the ruffled styles that have been popular lately,
 seem to work better for me than some of the past incarnations.

 First, a ruffled rose quartz blouse, for a double dose of girlie, with a denim pencil skirt.

 Accessorized with a quilted denim clutch, 
neutral tan platform sandals, and a similar neutral tone belt.

Next, a ruffled and ruched polka dot blouse, with a ruffled tier skirt.
All out ruffles, top and bottom!  
I rationalized that the black and white color combination toned it down a notch.

Then I paired it with bow sling back pumps, a bow bracelet, and a pop of pink in my bag.
Why not go all out!

Lastly, less ruffles. An unruffled blouse and skirt with ruffles on the side.
An accessory is a good option, if you just want to try a trend in a small way. 

 Two tone ruffled zipper bag and tie heels

paired with a 60's vintage reticulated leaf pendant

because I love to mix my decades!

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Friday, September 16, 2016

This stuff has to go

Little by little, I have been going through my closet, with an eye toward reducing it's content!
I've been evaluating why some things are continually passed over, or don't get much wear.
  Some of the decisions are pretty clear and easy, some, not so much.
 The fact that fashion is cyclical, and everything is sure to come back around,  has kept me holding on to things. But some of it has got to go.
I went through all of my bags, for the first time in years, and made some cuts.

I think these are too big for everyday use for me, and too small to use as totes, so they are going.

This one is small, and would be good as a clutch, but the awkward length handle is not detachable. 

Some other things that always get passed over, include this top.
  It's something about where the bands of color hit on my body.

Ditto with this dress.

As for these two dresses, I love the color, but they are too short .
The last time I pulled them out of my closet, I decided to keep them, thinking I might try them as tunics.  Haven't yet, so bye-bye.

I'll probably try this cardigan one more time, since bell sleeves are trending. 

I've been into the shoe box, too.

These are too flat for me. I need more arch support, so they are on the chopping block.

I might think about keeping the loafers on the right for one more season.
They are the epitome of comfort, if not style.

That's it for now.  This is an ongoing project, and I plan to sift and sort and donate more, as I uncover my fall and winter things storage.