Monday, September 19, 2016


 I'm happy to find the ruffled styles that have been popular lately,
 seem to work better for me than some of the past incarnations.

 First, a ruffled rose quartz blouse, for a double dose of girlie, with a denim pencil skirt.

 Accessorized with a quilted denim clutch, 
neutral tan platform sandals, and a similar neutral tone belt.

Next, a ruffled and ruched polka dot blouse, with a ruffled tier skirt.
All out ruffles, top and bottom!  
I rationalized that the black and white color combination toned it down a notch.

Then I paired it with bow sling back pumps, a bow bracelet, and a pop of pink in my bag.
Why not go all out!

Lastly, less ruffles. An unruffled blouse and skirt with ruffles on the side.
An accessory is a good option, if you just want to try a trend in a small way. 

 Two tone ruffled zipper bag and tie heels

paired with a 60's vintage reticulated leaf pendant

because I love to mix my decades!

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  1. I confess I love ruffles too - great outfits and that ruffled clutch is perfect.

  2. I love ruffles, and esp love that last outfit - just lovely. Thanks for linking, xo