Thursday, September 29, 2016

The thrifting adventure continues

All that glitters was in evidence this thrift shop visit!

A tee with silver threads shot through it, and a lame jean style jacket. 
Plus brocade,

and layer-able beaded pieces.

There were some wild and whimsical prints, too.
  I love the one on the right, that looks like the stitches are unravelling!

I saw lots of bright, saturated jewel tone colors, like these. 

Some classic weaves and patterns.

Lastly, these cute two-toned suede pumps, half a size too small.  To bad!

I rarely find anything in the men's department, but was fortunate, this day.
I bought these two Jerry Garcia print ties for my husband.

They were a hit, and he wore the blue one the very next day.  Success!

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  1. Love all the bright hues, specially the blue dress oh and that brocade skirt !