Friday, September 16, 2016

This stuff has to go

Little by little, I have been going through my closet, with an eye toward reducing it's content!
I've been evaluating why some things are continually passed over, or don't get much wear.
  Some of the decisions are pretty clear and easy, some, not so much.
 The fact that fashion is cyclical, and everything is sure to come back around,  has kept me holding on to things. But some of it has got to go.
I went through all of my bags, for the first time in years, and made some cuts.

I think these are too big for everyday use for me, and too small to use as totes, so they are going.

This one is small, and would be good as a clutch, but the awkward length handle is not detachable. 

Some other things that always get passed over, include this top.
  It's something about where the bands of color hit on my body.

Ditto with this dress.

As for these two dresses, I love the color, but they are too short .
The last time I pulled them out of my closet, I decided to keep them, thinking I might try them as tunics.  Haven't yet, so bye-bye.

I'll probably try this cardigan one more time, since bell sleeves are trending. 

I've been into the shoe box, too.

These are too flat for me. I need more arch support, so they are on the chopping block.

I might think about keeping the loafers on the right for one more season.
They are the epitome of comfort, if not style.

That's it for now.  This is an ongoing project, and I plan to sift and sort and donate more, as I uncover my fall and winter things storage.

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  1. Oh it seems like you're editing more and more these days.
    I love that grey bag, are you sure you want to let it go ?
    I need to get down and check by bags too. This month I got 3 new bags and I need to find space for them and one way is getting rid of the unworn.