Monday, September 26, 2016

Wide striped dress three ways

  I do love my stripes!
  The wide tangerine and white stripes of this dress, make a super bold statement.
 Looking back on three ways I wore it this Summer, I think it sort of wears me!

The dress over a white 3/4 sleeve top

It seems to require bold and bright accessories to keep up with it.
Turquoise bag and bracelet, and graphic tubular necklace. 

This time, with a royal blue open cardigan over it

and bold jewelry.  The cuff bracelet is from the 50's.

Bright blue wedge sandals to finish.
They are going to be packed away until next Spring, this weekend.

Lastly, stripes on stripes.
  Same dress, with a navy and white striped cardigan over it

a 40's navy Corde half circle bag, big silver cuff, and navy low heel pumps.

All in all, I think this dress made the brightest, boldest outfits I wore all Summer.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the stripe-mixing look, and all the looks. And those wedge sandals - dreamy. xo


  2. You took that word right from my lips: BOLD !
    Before even finishing reading I saw the double stripe and thought of that word.
    Beautiful !

  3. Great options---I think my fave is the mixed print (and to think I would have never done something like that pre blogging!!)