Monday, October 24, 2016

Olive green

Olive green has been a key fashion color for several years now, through all the seasons.  
It is such a versatile color, some consider it to be a neutral.
  I used to steer far clear of olive, and anything but the bluest of greens.  But over the past few years, it has been so overwhelmingly popular, I have tried this shade out a few times.   

First, in a military style draw cord waist jacket, paired with black skinnies,

and accessorized with a vintage brooch that has sort of a metal, or award vibe (for venturing into previously unchartered color territory?), and a distressed bronze cuff bracelet

Wine colored ankle straps and clutch to finish

Next, another casual outfit
 A pale grey, shadow striped pullover with olive zipper trimmed pants,

accessorized with a circle motif cuff and multi textured studded belt

Floral and sequined oxfords, to jazz it up a bit!

Lastly, an olive midi dress with a burgundy top underneath,

 a multi colored print scarf and an olive belt 
 This belt has been a rarely used accessory in my closet for years, slated for the give-away box several times.  At last a reason to wear it!

 The same bag and shoes from the first photo and gold tone cuff and earrings to complete the look

Although olive green is not likely to take over my closet, 
it's fun to give something I never considered a try!

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  1. Oh your olive looks are fabulous. The first and second look are my favourites.
    The drawcord waist jacket and those skinnies look wonderful and I wonder how the olive trousers would look with that drawcord jacket ..

  2. I've been noticing more olive creeping into my wardrobe lately too!! But it does seem quite versatile!!
    I really like the addition of the burgundy---very fallish!

  3. I love olive with burgundy - all these looks are fab. And those shoes - stunners! Thanks for linking up,