Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thrifting for the change of seasons

It's officially jacket and sweater weather, here in Maryland, anyway!

I found this great red moto jacket at the thrift shop this week,

and this interesting distressed leather and knit sleeve one

This rich, draped, purple jersey dress caught my eye

and a print dress, that by chance, went well with a cardigan
that I also brought into the changing room

There were several nice tops this week
I liked this silk mini print shirt,

and this draped front cobalt and blue plaid

Also, this roll sleeve cobalt top, with the tags still attached
(sometimes it's a challenge to picture these items minus the mass of wrinkles!)

I loved the cutouts on this blouse, but it was too big :(

The cheerful combination of colors on this striped top
makes it a great choice for a maximum of matching possibilities

There were a few interesting sweaters, this week, too
This one fits right in with the current military/bandleader style,

and the little grazing sheep on this one were so cute, but uncharacteristically itchy!

A cozy long sleeveless sweater vest, very popular this season

There was not much to see in the skirt section, this week,
but I liked this pleated corduroy one with pockets

 I should have bought this nice quality navy mini bag
 What was I thinking leaving it behind?  Oh well, hind sight is 20/20

Also, the store was very busy this week, 
with lots of people looking for pieces to put together their Halloween costumes
There was a lot to chose from! 

Although Halloween isn't until Monday,
there are parties happening this weekend,
so if you have a costume party to go to, I hope you enjoy the fun and 
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Wow there are some great items in your shop - the sheep sweater would have come home with me even if it gave me hives !