Friday, October 21, 2016

Unpacking for the change of seasons

It's time to wear me!

This vaguely moto inspired jacket has served me well for two Fall and Winter seasons,
and I am pulling it out, once again.

I've been sifting through the Fall clothes I packed away last year.
 Admittedly, it is difficult to stay on task.
We are experiencing very unseasonable temperatures, well into the 80's.

    Today, I must regroup and rummage through a box of packed up Summer things,
 looking for something I wouldn't bake my brains out in!
 Anyway, for Fall, when it comes, I am looking for things I have that are still in style,
 and I can put into rotation soon.
 I will not be forsaking all colors not Pantone approved, or styles  not currently trending,
 to languish in the back of my closet. But at the beginning of a new season,
 it's fun to see what I have.  Plus, I'll be less likely to buy new versions of items I already own.

So, here are a few possibilities.  

Grey is trending and so are sparkles.
Both in one dress.  Win-win!

Pinstripes are classic, and are being used very creatively this Fall.
  This skirt was barely worn last year, but I'm getting some inspiration to get it out of the closet more this year.   

Enough with the grey, already.

Red, a favorite color of mine no matter what the season, is a top pick this Fall.
You know I have lots of this color already in my closet.
Time to trot it out!

I don't know why so many Fall and Winter weight dresses are sleeveless. 
  I guess I'll be layering these.  Come Fall, I want sleeves, please.

Animal prints are big again this season, not that they ever go out of style.
 This top should be good.  A magical grey leopard.  With pleats.

 I think this dress is going into the give away box, my initial try-on found it a little too clingy.
Probably why I barely wore it last year.

Another animal print.
 This one, I'm going to wear.

Green is big, and so is plaid.
I had this jacket out for Spring and never once wore it.
Maybe this is a better season for it?  We'll see.

Bright green.  On trend and very mixable, and layer-able.

An animal of a different sort, this time zebra.
I thrifted this last year, and wore it a few times.  I'll see how I can style it this year.

And lastly-grommets. And lots of them!  I bought this last Spring, but it's pretty thick material,
so I've been saving it for Fall.  Can't wait to wear this.

I hope you are inspired to shop your closet, and see what treasures you find!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. You had some amazing garments in storage.. the grommet skirt is a piece of art I absolutely love it ! and yes, clingy dresses do no favours for us. Its best to let go.