Thursday, November 10, 2016

November thrifting trip

I don't know how or why this beautifully creatived dress ended up at the thrift shop
I so wanted in to fit, but not quite, so it will be there for another lucky shopper!

This cute, slouchy dress in a trending color and animal print-double points!

A know this floral, bell sleeve 60's look shift dress came straight from the Target clearance rack
 to the Goodwill

I loved this jacket, but a mental shuffle through my closet reminded me
I already have a similar one

It was a great day for sweaters of all types!
There were some nice cardigans, which are usually in short supply

Sweet hearts

Sparkle and shine
It's a little hard to see in the picture, but this open cardi has lame threads shot through it

A chunky cable

A rusty boyfriend

and a teal one

 This yummy peachy salmon is a color I'm loving right now

A few pullovers caught my eye, too

This bold striped pullover tunic with a case of the blues

Stripe lover, that's me!

Some neutrals

A cosy cowl neck

or maybe you prefer a ribbed V neck?

There were a few cute blouses, as well
I love the cobalt color and sytle of this one

Blouses and tops that fit are actually the hardest pieces for me to find (besides pants)
The easiest?  Skirts and dresses.  Thank goodness every body is different!

Lastly, an interesting vintage tie neck, with a bird print

Enjoy your Friday, and have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh wow what a pity that dress did not fit - I wonder who the makes was it looks odd in a good designer kind of way.
    Also there were plenty of choices in the cardi department and I do hope you got that bird print blouse.