Thursday, November 17, 2016

Things leaving my closet

Here are a few things leaving my closet that aren't getting much wear
Time to move them along to someone who will love them more

There should be some lessons for future styles to avoid in here for me

Let's see...

I like the style, and love the bright pink color, of course!
On me, though, it's a strange length.
Not long enough, or not cropped enough, and too boxy to tuck in
 I gave it a try a few times, so I'm happy to let it go

Although metallics and embellishments are trending,
I'm just tired of this top

Cowl necklines are hard for me to wear and this one is no exception

Love the color, and have worn this a number of times, 
but it's the neckline, again.  It is too low for me and doesn't layer well, as a result  

I'm sort of off this purplish pink now, but this cardigan got a lot of wear

This cable knit sweater is a great color, but just looks proportionally wrong on me
I tried belting it, but the top part looks high waisted and awkward for the belt
Worn loose, it swallows me up
Someone else will love it this Fall!

I've worn this several times.  In theory, it's good
On me, it never looks quite right

  I thrifted this dress a few years ago, and I only wore it once.  It's just too big 

I like the metallic on these two belts, but they are too shiny and take over anything I wear them with

That's it for now.  A few things out of my closet, to make room for better choices!

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  1. I am pretty sure these will make someone very happy as these garments have a lot of life left in them ! Such a relief to get rid of things.