Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday thrift

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the holiday wear possibilities
I have found in the thrift store this month.

These two Christmas sweaters were at Target earlier in the season,
and I found them at the thrift shop this week.
  Good for a little whimsy!

Of course, the thrift store is a great place to pick up
a vintage ugly Christmas sweater for that theme holiday get together.
This one looks 90's, and seems to have a fox hunt theme, which is a little unusual.

Dress up any wintery outfit with a faux fur jacket,

or a bright pink velveteen coat.
Love this one! 

A  cozy fleece lined, Nordic pattern cardigan is a holiday favorite.

This pullover sweater with allover bow design is very tempting...

A pretty blouse in black lace over wine

A sheer blouse with a dressy faux pearl collar

A little more lace

A lot of lace!
 I could hardly resist this one, but I have a similar cobalt lace dress already in my closet.

 Festive bright pink

This shaw collar jacket has a lovely shiny finish, 

and this tuxedo jacket, a snazzy lining

A gold lame cropped jacket is party perfect!

Full on shine!  I so wanted this to fit, but it was too snug :(
Someone else will be rockin' it this season!

Leopard print camisole with  golden snake detail-whoa

And lastly, these sparkly sole and heel platform pumps

I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities of the season
and having a wonderful holiday in whatever finery you chose!

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  1. Oh I loved the bow sweater option and the collar sleeveless top, so many goodies to chose from.
    A big hug to you on this holiday.