Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pretty things at Kohl's

I stopped in at Kohl's this week, and am happy to report that the spring merchandise
 is starting to slowly over take the winter clearance racks!

Most notably, there are some very pretty, feminine blouses, that I love.
This serves to remind me, in the dead of winter, that spring is coming!  

It looks like blush (or in Pantone speak, pale dogwood) and lace 
are going to remain popular for spring.  I'm glad, because I never tire of lace

Florals are everywhere

and bright stripes

and lots of ruffles and sleeve details

I'm always up for anything that ties around the waist, so I liked this tie belt skirt
Another plus, the vertical stripes are so lengthening on the bottom half!

These last three pieces are from Lauren Conrad, which is my favorite collection at Kohl's.

Sweet dotted sheer netting overlay skirt

and pretty woodland scene print dress with an asymmetrical hem

and more floral and sheer layers of netting

I'm not sure how my spring wardrobe is going to shape up yet, or what I'll need, since what I have is currently packed up in boxes in the basement. 
 I think I'll run through my blog posts from last spring to remind me!

Meanwhile, these sure are nice to look at while I dream about spring

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  1. The white cotton ruffle shirt is my favourite !