Thursday, January 19, 2017

Things leaving my closet

A snow day provided me with a good opportunity to have a look in the back of my closet, and decide whether or not it's time to purge some things back there!
 Here are some things I haven't worn this season, and am not inspired to,
so they are going out. 

I know, this is a bomber style, plus it has a faux suede front. Trending times two!
 It's just not a good style for me, so I'm going to let someone else enjoy it.

This lace front cardigan also has a raglan style sleeve,
and would look good on someone with broad shoulders.  That's not me.

A cute little cropped cardigan, but it's wool.
  I just can't wear it, even with a turtleneck underneath.

I love stripes, but this one, I'm just tired of.

A turtleneck is perfect for layering, but this one is too tight for me.

I've worn this several times, and always have difficulty styling it.
Time to let it go.

More wool.  Great for someone who is not so sensitive to it.

I know.  It's plaid, and now's the time to wear plaid!
Just not inspired.

This navy sheer scarf with a woven pattern has spent
four years folded in a drawer, and I've never worn it.
Time to move it on.

If anyone would like to give any of these items a try in your wardrobe,
let me know in the comments, or by email.  I would be happy to see them have a new home!

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  1. How fabulous you used your time wisely and not on line shopping for more ;)
    Ohhhh If we were the same size I'd grab a sweater.