Thursday, February 2, 2017

February Thrift

It's February and weather wise, the most dismal month of the year.
  Here in Maryland, anyway.

So, naturally, I'm starting to fast forward to spring in my thrift shopping.

I found this fabulously unusual tone on tone jacket
 in the hottest color of the spring season, Greenery.
Although I might wear this color in small doses, 
it's not going to be allowed anywhere near my face,
as it will surely make me look jaundiced.  Not a good look.

Some pretty pastels also caught my eye

This Lapis blue is also going to be big this season.
Love this cute, casual lace print dress.

There were quite a few nice jackets on this trip
 that would be great for layering during the transitional early spring.

I liked the woven texture on these first two.

This is a nice neutral that plays well with so many spring colors. 

All shades of pink are predicted to be popular this spring, and
lots of pink is starting to show up in the retail stores, too.

Spring florals, of course.  Love the tie belt on this little jacket. 
It's a rarity at the thrift shop for the belt to remain with the garment!

A swishy print, knife pleat skirt

A basic pullover with a sweet bow tie in the back,

and a cardigan with ruffles down the front.

A cropped, chunky pullover with nautical stripes

and a floaty lace up front, boho vibe blouse.

Big, bold floral on a dark background

And platform sandals.
   I love platforms, and am happy to see they are making a comeback this spring.
These are pretty wild!

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