Thursday, March 30, 2017

March thrift

Browsing the thrift store this week, I was a little aimless.
It is easy to steer away from the heavy sweaters, long sleeves, and dark colors in general.  
What to look for is a bit more challenging. 
The shapes and proportions of just about everything have been making a big shift
 over the past few seasons and
  I'm having trouble picturing what will work with what's in my current wardrobe.

I'm definitely attracted to the pretty pastels and florals of the season!
This spring I feel like lightening my palette even more than usual.
Maybe it is the unusually long and lingering winter.

I like the crossed straps in the "V" neckline on this top and the color mix.

Love this yummy shade of blue, too.

There's a lot of emphasis on shirting fabric this season and
this is a nice flattering twist on that trend.

The look of a wrap without ever having to adjust.  I'm in!

Gingham, floral and green-all the trends in one shirt.

All the pastels in one shirt.

This is an interesting vintage set to wear together for the look of a dress,
and pull apart for lots of mix and match possibilities.
Bonus points for being a neutral white and black print.

A pretty floral midi in the blues of the season.

A cute piped cropped lace jacket to play nicely 
with the high waisted trend.

Pink!  Need I say more?

Ditto for the animal print.

I'm kicking myself for leaving this behind.
  It would be great left open as a long duster style coat.
Too bad I realized this after I left the store :(

Nice vintage reptile embossed bag.
My closest thrift shop very rarely has any nice vintage things to chose from,
this week was an exception.

Happy hunting, everyone!


  1. Wish me luck, I'm gifting myself a 30.00 USD Thrift saturday Spree this weekend for completing my 3 month shopping ban ! and then I will go back to it in April.
    I hope the second hand shop here has some great items like yours.

  2. Well done on the shopping ban, Lorena. I hope you have fun and find some great treasures on your thrifty spree!