Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wistful for spring weather to come

I am really craving spring.
Although the magic first day of spring has come and gone,
the weather here is not cooperating and I am still shivering in my shoes!
  Currently, it feels like I am never going to be able to finally ditch my winter coats for the season. When the weather does finally break, 
I'm going to bust out everything white, floral, and pastel I own!  
For now, I'll just look (and pine).

Love this pretty, white lace midi dress, with it's flippy, flirty skirt.

And this sporty sleeveless dress with an overlay of big fun eyelet dots.

Flowers are always big for spring, and this year they are bigger that ever.
I like the cute triangle cutout on this dress.

Although you can't see it in this picture, this blue floral print
has a crinoline underneath, for extra swish!

I like this sweet floral print in a light and floaty fabric, too.

Moving away from florals for just a minute,
isn't the print on this shift, great?  It looks like happy retro rainbows!

 More florals! This time on blouses and tops.  
A pink blouse rockin' three trends at once; flowers, ruffles and bare shoulders!

There are countless ruffle treatments popping up this season.
This one, a little dressy,

and this chambray, more casual.

I'm loving that lace is still trending, too.
It goes so well with all the ruffles and florals-so girly.

I am noticing many creative touches to the white cotton shirt.
This one has an asymmetrical tiered peplum. 

The bomber lightens up and goes floral, too.

I'm really loving the look of white this season with all the pastels,
so I NEED this in my size

I noticed that there is such a concentration on blouses and sleeve treatments,
that skirts seem to be in short supply in the shops.
Here's a cute one, at Penney's.

I'm pulling my spring and summer clothes out of the basement this weekend,
whether I can wear them yet or not!

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  1. OH the bomber and the lace skirt were my faves - I can actually see you in those two beautiful pieces too !