Friday, April 14, 2017

Taking up space in my closet

This is quite an eclectic assortment of garments, 
to co exist in one closet, if I do say so myself!

These pieces do not get much love,
 and are taking up precious real estate, so on they go to a new owner!

I definitely got my money's worth on this dress.
I may just pack it away this season, because I still like it,
I'm just tired of animal prints, right now.

I only wore this dress a couple of times.
I am drawn to the print, but the high waisted style is not right for me.

A basic workhorse that needs to be updated.

The super low "V" just looks wrong on me.

This dress is another one that served me well,
but I'm tired of the animal print, at present.

I wore this to two casual weddings.  It's another low "V" 
that just doesn't suit me.

I am giving away several maxi skirts, 
I love the idea of them, but find I always pass over them for casual wear.

Another maxi skirt

Zebra print knit jacket.  I enjoyed wearing this,
but wore it enough to get tired of it.  This happens with black and white items
because they are so versatile!

I like zig zag prints, but this one is a tunic, which I rarely wear.

Another cute zig zag, but too big for me.

As much as I like this sweater,  every time I try to style it,
it just looks out of proportion on me.
It was included in my last closet clean out post, but I retrieved it for one last try.
It's definitely time to go, now! 

Love the vibrant colors on this woven top, but it's too big for me.

This style looks like it belongs on a teen ager,
but I love the starry print. 

Still debating on this one.

It feels good to sift and sort and make decisions that will free up closet space.

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  1. Great edit ! I think they serve the purpose of not only getting rid of the items we no longer use but it makes us think about what styles are not working for us. Give that last item one more wear and make a decision.