Monday, May 1, 2017

Blush blazer three ways

I'm loving the color blush.
At first, I had trouble incorporating this soft, pale color into my existing wardrobe,
but after experimenting with it last spring, I'm seeing more possibilities.

In this first outfit I am wearing the blush blazer over a dress 
that has been in the back of my closet practically since I bought it.
This is mostly because it just didn't play well with much in my wardrobe.
Now, it's not an orphan anymore!

Blush cutaway collarless jacket, with printed overlay fit and flair dress underneath.

Worn with a metallic silver clutch, silver drop earrings and a black sash belt
from another dress.

Pink lace up heels and a leather and pink stone bracelet, 
because what goes with pink-more pink!

The next wear of this blazer is over a blush micro pleated tunic
that was bought separately and matches amazingly, just by a lucky chance.
Worn with a classic taupe pencil skirt,

 embossed reptile pumps and a vintage clutch and taupe belt.
Pink plus neutral.

Silver tone wire flower necklace and silver and pink stone bracelet finish the look.

In this last look I am wearing the blush jacket over an ivory shirtdress 
with wide vertical black stripes, and contrasting cuffs and collar.

With much loved black strappy heels, a thin black belt, and a black
and gold tone enamel bracelet, to finish the look.

Thought(s) for the day:

Awash in pink, today I am reminded all day that pink is the universal color 
of love and kindness.
Go out there and commit a random act of kindness!

"Love is all we need
Everything I give you
All comes back to me"

-Madonna, from "Nothing Really Matters"

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  1. Love this color, and that pleated tunic is just gorgeous. And don't you love finding a winner in the back of your closet? xox


  2. Oh wow, superb pairings !!!
    Sometimes all it takes is one new garment to bring the old out and let the magic begin. For me it usually happens with new shoes, they bring in new ideas.