Thursday, June 29, 2017

Festive Independence Day table

Happy Independence Day to everyone who celebrates!

Today, I would like to share with you a few festive 4th of July table setting ideas.

Red, white and blue is always a winner for this patriotic US holiday,
 and an easy color scheme to work with.
I choose bright red woven placemats, and red and blue star shaped bowls 
to set the mood.

Table for four, outside on the porch  


Table for two

I used fresh herbs from my kitchen garden tied with red ribbons
 to decorate each place setting.

A decorated pot of herbs makes an easy and fragrant centerpiece.

 I'm not sure what will be on the menu,
but there will definitely be seasonal picnic food!
Everyone loves farm fresh corn on the cob, tomatoes and summer fruit,
so a trip to the local farmer's market is in order.

Potato salad is a summer favorite, too.

Begonias and Impatiens are shade loving flower, great for a covered porch,  
and they bloom all summer long.

I hope everyone has a great summer holiday doing whatever you enjoy most!

Monday, June 26, 2017


Ruffles are growing on me.

In this post, I'm wearing three outfits with varying amounts of ruffles!
The first outfit has major ruffles on both the top and bottom.  
Although, technically I think the skirt is considered tiered.
Still, a lot of frilly going on!

Blue and white cold shoulder top with vertical and horizontal stripes, and a ruffle.
Worn with a white three tiered crochet skirt.

I'm using two vintage accessories in this outfit.
  My 1950's pink clutch and white plastic expanding cuff.
Pink and white blingy flower earrings.

Finishing off with white perforated lace up flats.

Next, another try with this peach ruffled blouse.
First try was in this post Just peachy.
Worn with white cropped denim jeans.

Accessorized with a striped straw bag,
goldtone hoop earrings and name bracelet.

Double denim!  Denim lace up wedge sandals to finish.

A little more subtle with the ruffles, in this last outfit.
A pencil striped top with big floaty sleeves ending in ruffles.

The scarf is not in the picture,  I'll wear it soon!
Gold tone hoop earrings and wide cuff bracelet.

Metallic gold platform sandals, and handle bag.

Thought for the Day:
Ruffles are not just for kids, anymore!

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Friday, June 23, 2017

June thrift

Summer is here at last, and there are lots of warm weather
possibilities waiting at the thrift shop!

The thrift shop I go to most often is currently in a scramble of reorganization.
Some sections are temporary roped off, while racks are being re-arranged,
but most of the store is functioning, and open.

I spent most of my visit in the dress section.

I love the bold color of this semi fitted shift
which has a very versatile basic shape 

This dress has a 70's esque print and a beachy, summer color scheme

Such a yummy coral color, but what a wrinkly mess!
Linen is a great summer option, but this is probably about what this dress
would look like after a couple of hours on me.  I would go for a linen blend.

Here's some boho goodness in a comfy but shapely maxi dress,
thanks to the wide smocked waist

Not for me, but so cute-love the glittery back straps

This halter dress screams fun in the sun, and would also make a cute swim suit cover-up

Open lace design, with a nude lining, in a pretty, flattering cut

I found some nice possibilities in the tops section, too,
like this ruffled sleeve blouse with a tie neck

Some more ruffles, on a cool semi-sheer blue paisley print

Bell sleeves and peek-a-boo lace from the
clearance rack of the Target up the street, I think

Love this sheer shirt with gold metallic polka dots

Preppy pink plaid (say that three times!)

and nautically inspired stripes

These are the two things I bought:

A pink and black color block top.
(I tried to picture it washed and ironed)
It has a 50's bowling shirt feeling to me,
I can see it paired with lots of things, and it's soft Rayon, so easy to layer. 

Also, this royal blue, long draped shawl collar topper.
It's a jacket style I wouldn't usually choose,
 so buying it at a thrift shop is a good opportunity for me to play with this proportion.

Hope all of your thrifting experiences are good ones,
if you enjoy this type of shopping!

Monday, June 19, 2017

White jackets for summer

A white jacket is indispensable for spring and summer for me.
It's a great choice if you need a layer for transitioning in and out of air conditioning.
White plays well with so many colors, too.  
  Here are three white jackets I have worn this season.  I also have one with a shawl collar
 I have worn several times, already.
  It will probably show up later in a "three ways" post!

First, a cutaway collarless style that is a staple,
 and has been in my wardrobe for a number of years.
Worn over a sleeveless brightly colored geometric print shift dress.

Accessorized with my 1960's orange clutch,
gold tone and enamel buckle bracelet and square stud earrings.

Tan lace up block heel sandals to finish the look.

The next outfit consists of a white lace bomber jacket, (not added for warmth on this day),
but to dress up a tie waist chambray jumpsuit.

Flower embellished straw clutch, mixed metal butterfly necklace
and wide silver tone cuff bracelet.

Strappy straw block heel sandals.

The last white jacket, I thrifted last summer.  I like the unusual neckline,
but the boxy shape is challenging.  I would not usually chose this at retail price,
but at the thrift shop, I decided to see if I could make it work for me.
Worn here over a bold striped 3/4 sleeve shift dress, for a nautical look.

Accessorized with a navy and white striped box clutch,
chain motif bracelet and front to back stone earrings.
Shoes are the same as the first look.

I first wore this jacket in this post I love a geometric print,
and I think it was a little more successful back then.

I'll keep experimenting!

Thought for the Day:
Shopping second hand can turn up some gems, and
at the very least nudge you to step outside your comfort zone.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ongoing closet editing project

It's been a while, since I did a closet edit.
 I looked back to see that my last attempt was in April. I tackled a little bit more this week.
 It's a slow but gratifying process to let things go.
This is the most luxurious silk, and a gorgeous color,
 but the boxy, oversized shape is not my friend.  Time to go.

Every body seems to look great in this style but me :(

So tired of grey, these days.

 I like the paisley print and colors on this top, and the tie waist.
It's just a little to small.

Just a bad color for me.

I like this, but it's just too big.
I thought I would wear it styled oversize, but it swallows me up.

Umm, need to try this on, again.

Too big and bulky for the way I wanted to wear it.

Snug on me and too high waisted.
  I bought this at a consignment store, tempted by the color.

It's that grey that I'm tired of, again.

Too big for me, but cute, shirt dresses are trending, now.

Time to let go

these, too.

I also, started to go through some misc. things,
and realized I have two similar studded belts. One can go.

This is a vintage chain belt, better on a smaller waist.

Blingy shoe clips

Some jewelry that I always pass over and don't wear anymore.
Time to let it circulate.

Flower earrings that are too heavy for my ears.

Plum colored faux freshwater pearls.

Minty plastic.  Reminds me of something edible and confectionary.

Three rows of Chiclets.

Two tones of Chiclets.

Mixed metal coat of arms look necklace.

Lastly, gun metal long chain necklace.

If anyone is interested in trying their creative touch with any of these things,
I would be happy to send them to you,
just let me know!

Good luck with your own editing!