Thursday, June 29, 2017

Festive Independence Day table

Happy Independence Day to everyone who celebrates!

Today, I would like to share with you a few festive 4th of July table setting ideas.

Red, white and blue is always a winner for this patriotic US holiday,
 and an easy color scheme to work with.
I choose bright red woven placemats, and red and blue star shaped bowls 
to set the mood.

Table for four, outside on the porch  


Table for two

I used fresh herbs from my kitchen garden tied with red ribbons
 to decorate each place setting.

A decorated pot of herbs makes an easy and fragrant centerpiece.

 I'm not sure what will be on the menu,
but there will definitely be seasonal picnic food!
Everyone loves farm fresh corn on the cob, tomatoes and summer fruit,
so a trip to the local farmer's market is in order.

Potato salad is a summer favorite, too.

Begonias and Impatiens are shade loving flower, great for a covered porch,  
and they bloom all summer long.

I hope everyone has a great summer holiday doing whatever you enjoy most!

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  1. Your table settings are so nice, they are always award winning in my book.