Monday, June 5, 2017

Just peachy

Peach is such a perfect spring and summer color.
  I love the color, but everything is not peachy with this week's outfits!
It's not for lack of trying.  
  Sometimes I like a piece of clothing, the color is great,
 but an outfit just doesn't come together. 
Other times, an outfit seems to work in my mind, but it just doesn't work IRL.
Still other times, I am drawn to a garment that just doesn't work on my body.
Fashion requires lots of trial and error!

The skirt I'm wearing in the first photo has been in my closet for six or seven years, 
and has always been a challenge to put into an outfit.
I love the peachy coral color and muted vintage inspired floral print, 
but nothing in my closet really looks like it belongs with it.
I have certainly gotten a good bit of wear from it, though,
mostly with an ivory top of some sort.
  Worn here, for the last time, with an ivory lace bell sleeve blouse.

Wide distressed belt and DIY beaded pendant,

with canvas lace up wedge sandals and bronze metallic clutch to accessorize.

The next outfit is built around a peach floral bell sleeve blouse. 
I have worn it several times this spring, already, and love the color.
I will continue to try working with it, but shape wise, it does't seem to play well 
with other things in my closet.  Worn here with a tan pencil skirt.

Bye-bye to these shoes.  Love the way they look, hate the way they feel.
It's off to the consignment shop to someone who can easily wear this high a heel.

Accessories include a square white whipstitched convertible clutch,
gold tone hummingbird pendant and pearl earrings.

In this last outfit, I am drawn to the fresh peach color of this blouse,
 but challenged by the extra deep ruffle.
I think I can make it work, but probably not tucked in.
Worn with a favorite vintage hand made batik wrap skirt.

Same bag as above, gold tone choker,

and white braided cross strap sandals.

Thought for the Day:

Keep creating and experimenting!

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  1. I could not agree more ! Its trial and error... I would think that by now I'd know what works but I have to humbly admit I don't !
    AND I am actually wondering how the first skirt you are going to get rid of would look with the big ruffle top...