Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ongoing closet editing project

It's been a while, since I did a closet edit.
 I looked back to see that my last attempt was in April. I tackled a little bit more this week.
 It's a slow but gratifying process to let things go.
This is the most luxurious silk, and a gorgeous color,
 but the boxy, oversized shape is not my friend.  Time to go.

Every body seems to look great in this style but me :(

So tired of grey, these days.

 I like the paisley print and colors on this top, and the tie waist.
It's just a little to small.

Just a bad color for me.

I like this, but it's just too big.
I thought I would wear it styled oversize, but it swallows me up.

Umm, need to try this on, again.

Too big and bulky for the way I wanted to wear it.

Snug on me and too high waisted.
  I bought this at a consignment store, tempted by the color.

It's that grey that I'm tired of, again.

Too big for me, but cute, shirt dresses are trending, now.

Time to let go

these, too.

I also, started to go through some misc. things,
and realized I have two similar studded belts. One can go.

This is a vintage chain belt, better on a smaller waist.

Blingy shoe clips

Some jewelry that I always pass over and don't wear anymore.
Time to let it circulate.

Flower earrings that are too heavy for my ears.

Plum colored faux freshwater pearls.

Minty plastic.  Reminds me of something edible and confectionary.

Three rows of Chiclets.

Two tones of Chiclets.

Mixed metal coat of arms look necklace.

Lastly, gun metal long chain necklace.

If anyone is interested in trying their creative touch with any of these things,
I would be happy to send them to you,
just let me know!

Good luck with your own editing!

1 comment:

  1. You did SOOOO good ! got rid of items I would have kept but, I understand.
    I wonder how the first gorgeous silk top would look with the same color skirt.
    I too wonder if that top would fit !
    I'm thinking you'll regret getting rid of the shoe clips.
    Its funny how something we lusted after can become "chiclets"