Thursday, July 13, 2017

Emergency car boot kit

My car has a mind of it's own these days.  It's very independent.
  I find it veering off onto the beach road, on a Sunday afternoon,
diverted away from the path of the "to do" list destinations.  I can't blame the car,
I don't want to go to Home Depot, either.  
The road to sea breezes, lapping waves and blue sky
 as far as the headlights can see, beckons in a very persuasive way.
In order to be prepared for these deviations, a new box has been installed in the car boot.
  Move over jumper cables and flares, be gone snow shovel and ice scraper,
there's a new kid in town.
  The "emergency trip to the beach" kit is here.

I am very fortunate to live near beautiful beaches that are open for all to enjoy.
One of them has a public launch for small water craft 
like windsurfers, paddle boards and kayaks.
You can also take lessons and rent equipment for the day.

Below is part of  windsurfing lessons in session.

You can paddle board,

or just sit on your board and soak up the rays and the wonderful view.

Here, two kayaks rest on the beach near an Osprey nest

Swimmers and boarders enjoying the shallow water

This is a popular place to go to unwind, meet up with friends,
 have a picnic or celebrate a birthday or milestone.

Although there is a lot of activity, it's a happy lively noise.

This is a close up of an adult Osprey and her two chicks,
nearly grown and soon ready to leave the nest

It's a great place for children to play and explore the shoreline

and to wade in the surf

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

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  1. Oh the nest is full and in use again! I remember the pictures from last year.
    How great that you have a beach so close by and that you actually go.
    I live 2 blocks from the ocean and usually forget its even there :(