Friday, July 28, 2017

July thrift

This trip to the thrift shop turned up a surprising variety 
and the store was better stocked than usual.
Let's see what I turned up!

I didn't take these first three dresses into the fitting room with me,
 because they were a size too large, but I love the colors and prints!

I found some cute ones in my size, as well.

This dress with colorful stripes and a bow tie waist,

and this adorable red and white print with a bow in the back.

Some irresistible ruffles to try, too.

There were a few notable tops, also, 
like this silk chevron striped halter neck,

and this sheer black blouse with stud detail.

Some unusual finds that were mixed in with the tops, 
were this white sleeveless vest in the style of a blazer,

and this light tan, short sleeve jacket, with a bit of a military look.
Both would make great summer layering pieces.

In the skirts, I found some goodies, too.
A swingy midi in confectionary colors,

and a white skirt with fringe.
I love this one, but just don't have the hips to do this style justice!

I like the bold black and white geometric dot print on this pencil style,

and this sweet, casual light wash A-line denim skirt.

This high waisted floral print was made of a super soft and comfy Rayon.

I almost never venture into the pants section, because I usually don't have much luck
there, but the store had a lot of new stock on this trip, so I gave it a try.

I found some cute cropped styles in paisley,

pale grey

and a navy and white print,

all "almost's".

It was worth in because I found some denim that fit-
What a surprise!

There were even some nice accessories,
like this big, bright pink scarf

a trendy straw tote in very good condition

these Cole Haan peep toe Mary Janes

and this snake print belt, which was new.

Rarely do all of the sections I browse turn up such good finds.

I hope all of your thrifting adventures turn up some keepers!

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